“Detox”, that word you are hearing and reading  these early days of the year. Have not tried it yet? What is detox really about?

In Lonbali Community we have made a brief introduction and select the best of the proposals of detox plans.

The detox arises from the need to do a cleanse based on a diet of healthier foods. In general, after a period of excesses, like now, after these special dates. The detox diet is about to help our body to eliminate what it doesn’t need. So its operation is much more effective and we avoid being tired continuously.

How can this cleaning be done? Begin by leaving behind the most abusive foods and introduce others with better properties and benefits.

One of the great advantages of starting a Diet Detox is the ability to begin a fresh transition to a healthier way of life.

What are the benefits that can be obtained in the accomplishment of one of these diets? You will feel lighter, your levels of well-being and vitality increase, eliminates fluid retention, rehydrates your skin, helps you regulate your intestinal transit, improves nutritional intake, enjoys better sleep and rest, restores your body without Put your health at risk, among others.

Then we leave you the best recipes that we have chosen to attract you to the detox life.

Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili

Considering how easy it is, this recipe really delivers on flavor. We would make this even if we weren’t detoxing. It may seem like a lot of spice, but in the absence of fresh peppers and tomatoes, the soffritto gives the chili its depth.

Discover the recipe here





Kitchen Sink Thai Fried Rice

A perfect Friday night meal, you can throw “everything but the kitchen sink” (meaning whatever leftover veggies you happen to have in the fridge) into this fried rice and it will taste awesome.

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Lentils with Salmon & Grilled Radicchio

Restaurant-quality food at home always feels like a real treat, and this dish certainly qualifies. This makes extra lentils, which are great in a salad or can easily be turned into a delicious and filling lentil soup by adding chicken bone broth and a grating of fresh ginger.

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In search of a healthier alternative to the wheat or grain mass, came the idea of using cabbage for the same. A fun and different alternative to healthy eating with a very original presentation.

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